Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are a central feature and focus point of the face. Aging of the brow and eyelids can result in a tired, aged or depressed appearance. Other eyelid problems can result in drooping of the lid over the eye itself, termed ptosis. Facial paralysis, whether from Bell’s palsy, trauma or previous surgery, may benefit from an eyelid procedures to aid eye closure via an eyelid weight placement procedure.

Unfortunately, because the eyes are a key focus point during communication, an abnormal or aged appearance can hide the way a person feels on the inside from the outside world. Eyelid and brow surgery can achieve a refreshed, more youthful appearance that is often a subtle change to most family members, friends and coworkers but better represents the person to the world. Browlifting and blepharoplasty are the most common procedures performed to correct this appearance.

With time, the lower eyelid may also sag, which can create problems with chronic irritation and tearing. This is termed ectropion and is also correctable in most cases with a simple surgical procedure. If previous eyelid surgery has been performed, the eyelid may be turned inward, termed entropion which may also be correctable surgically.

In general, eyelid and brow surgery is well-tolerated as an outpatient surgery with minimal recovery time. Depending on the surgery, it may be performed under general anesthesia or with a light sedation. Below are links to more information for many of the eyelid surgeries we perform:

Brow Lifting


Ptosis Repair

ectropion Repair

Entropion Repair

Facial Paralysis Treatment

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