Amazing experience! Extremely happy with my results.

Dr. Pero is wonderful! So personable. I will absolutely be going back for future needs! He is committed to preserving both form/function while addressing the individual cosmetic concerns of the patient. Highly recommend!!!


I recommend Dr. Pero

I’ve had septum and sinus surgery, botox, and rhinoplasty with Dr. Pero, and I’d recommend him for all of those procedures. I’m 1-month post op for my rhinoplasty, and I’m very happy with the results so far. The pictures he showed me when we were discussing what I wanted prior to the surgery seem to be accurate representations of the end result. I was looking for a plastic surgeon who had experience with ethnic rhinoplasties, and I think my result looks natural and compliments my other features. Dr. Pero and his staff are kind, accessible people who listen to what you want, and I’ve never felt rushed in an appointment.


Before my surgery, I’d had an untreatable sinus infection for over a year. I suffered from Vestibular Stenosis, two deviations of my septum, a crooked nose from years of fighting with my male cousins, etc. It has been 18 months since my surgery and not only has my appearance significantly improved from the surgery but I haven’t had a sinus infection since AND I can actually breathe better than I ever thought was possible.


Functional Rhinoplasty

After a good 15 years of hating the large dorsal hump on the bridge of my nose and constantly feeling like I cold t breathe out of my nose properly despite taking every medication under the sun…I decided to seek out a dual certified ENT and facial plastic surgeon.

My search gave me 3 doctors, the first seemed to not care much about my cosmetic concerns. The second blew me off because “everyone has a deviated septum” and said I’d find no relief in a septoplasty turbinate reduction, so all my hope fell on the final doctor, Dr. Pero.

Upon walking into the room where I was to wait for him I was already impressed. It was the same room I’d been in when my own ENT told me about my deviated septum and enlarged turbinates. This was obviously a very ENT-focused center. Of course when I met Dr. Pero and we began talking he didn’t brush off any of my concerns, both functional or cosmetic, and took time to look inside my nose, go over my MRI scans of my nasal passages, and he even took photos of my profile so we could play with what I wanted my nose to look like.

I knew he was the doctor for me almost immediately. The surgery was booked that day.

We had one more consultation a week prior to surgery to ensure we were on the same page. No nerves whatsoever, I had complete faith in him.

The surgery itself took about 3.5 hours, and I was in the recovery room for about another 3 hours. My nose didn’t necessarily hurt but the incision site under my columella throbbed like a b****. This lasted for the next week, I went to town on those hydros. It was a lot more painful than I had read from other people.

Almost immediately though I could tell my breathing had improved. I did have lots of mucus that plagued me day 2-3 and was constantly rinsing my nose and cleaning it with cotton swabs. Sleeping sitting up was TERRIBLE and I woke up every 3 hours with my stitches throbbing.

Getting the splints out was easy (and gross), as was taking off the cast. Removing the stitches was actual hell.

I’m about 4-5 weeks post op now and I have never breathed better and never felt better about my nose. Even though I know it’s swollen to all hell, it looks fantastic. It’s still sore to the touch with my tip being very stiff and numb. My incision site is healing really well and pretty much all the dissolvable stitches have come out. I don’t hate what I see when I look in the morning now, Dr. Pero gave me the nose I should have always had and I can’t thank him enough for that.

Dr. Pero is a great surgeon and ENT who listens to ALL of your concerns and will treat you as if you’d already booked your surgery with him on your first consultation. Good attention to detail and very kind. My functional rhinoplasty went amazingly and I love my new nose.


Dr. Pero has changed my life.

Dr. Pero is very professional and did an amazing job every step of the way. I had an upper and lower eye life and a face and neck lift at the age of 69, and I am so happy that I did. Dr. Pero took the time to explain everything to me and is a perfectionist. My family and friends tell me that they think I look natural and refreshed and do not have that “plastic surgery” look that so often occurs with facelifts. For the first time in many years, I enjoy putting on a little makeup and going places. If I am in a hurry, I feel comfortable without makeup. I had serious bags under my eyes and loose neck skin prior to surgery. I enjoy life so much more now than I did. I highly recommend Dr. Pero.


Excellent Doctor

Dr. Pero is far more than a highly trained surgeon with excellent credentials. Dr. Pero is thoughtful, thorough and honest. You will be hard pressed to find a doctor of his caliber who genuinely cares for each patient the way he does. I have known Dr. Pero for more than five years and he has been my go-to for a long list of issues ranging from a broken nose (courtesy of my toddler) to fluid in my ear resulting in hearing loss and my first tube at the age of 37. He has even helped me combat my genetically inherited RBF with the most beautifully done Botox you’ve ever seen. I cannot recommend Dr. Pero highly enough.


Dr. Pero Basically Worked a Miracle

I have had 2 separate incidents involving trauma to my face. My right cheek was cut badly by a piece of ceramic tile. In a separate accident, my left cheek was burned by a very strong acid that spilled on me. Dr. Pero performed scar revision surgeries on my face to correct the defects that were caused by these accidents. He did an amazing job. Most people cannot even tell there was an injury unless I point it out & they look very closely. The traumatic scar left from the acid was big and it was deep. It required 2 surgeries to correct with healing time between. I am very grateful to Dr. Pero for doing such an excellent job revising the scar. He is an extremely skilled surgeon. His demeanor is very casual but confident which makes you feel at ease but also that you are in competent hands. I highly recommend him for facial cosmetic restorative procedures.


Dr. Pero is the best! I have a lot of autoimmune diseases, and I see so very many doctors, and few meet my high standards as well as Dr. Pero. He’s smart, kind, explains everything well, has a good sense of humor (an often overlooked, but important quality in health care), and has a thorough but conservative approach. He recently did my sinus and septum surgeries, and my recovery has been better than anticipated (and anytime I have a concern the staff is quick to respond and set up appointments to address my issue). Everyone is always very polite and accommodating (good doctor doesn’t always mean nice staff, but in this case it does), and the office is immaculate. He somehow manages to be very gentle, even when removing sutures from your face, or giant clots of blood from your sinuses, and has you laughing during the process. I drive nearly forty minutes one way to see Dr. Pero and he is worth it!


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